Simplifying The Deed in Lieu Of Foreclosure Process From Start To Finish.

Deed in In Lieu ForeclosureClosing USA professionals are here to provide support the entire Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure process. From title report preparation for the evaluation of Deed in Lieu opportunities (ensuring that property titles are free and clear of any other debts owed, like judgments or liens to HOA, COA or the state, etc.), to document preparation coordination (hardship affidavit form, borrower financial worksheet and income and asset documents) through our attorney network to document execution and recordation in the appropriate county.


And, as with everything we do, you can access your documents electronically, through our portal, Paperless Closer™, for instant access, 24-7.


Little wonder that more and more lenders are turning to Closing USA for hassle-free Deed-In-Lieu-Of-Foreclosure Services that also make it easier to meet and exceed your minority vendor requirements.