With Paperless Closer,™ You’re Totally Connected Throughout The Closing Process.

Paperless CloserAn innovative technology that will allow customers to process title orders faster and more efficiently. Allowing you to do everything you have been doing by phone, fax or email, online, 24/7. Beyond allowing you to view, print, and track the progress of your closing, Paperless Closer lets you:

  • Place orders.
  • Upload/download documents directly to the closing office.
  • View settlement statements and title commitments prior to the closing appointment.
  • Keep a permanent electronic record of all communication and pertinent closing documents.
  • Track your files at every point in the process, at your convenience.
  • Stay in instant touch with your Closing USA team.
  • Receive automated emails when steps throughout the Closing USA process have been completed.
  • Integrate with many popular transaction platforms like Calyx Point and Real EC as well a custom XML capabilities.

Even with state-by -state variances, with Paperless Closer, the right information, in the right format will always be at your fingertips Bringing consistency, timeliness and ease to your operation.



Who We Are


In an industry driven by large corporations, we stand apart. We are a national title and escrow company.
When you partner with Closing USA, you truly get the best of both worlds; a company that is large
enough to take advantage of today’s state of the art technology, yet nimble enough to react quickly to the
ever-changing world of financial services.

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