With Closing USA, You Can Have It All.

Why We're BetterThe perfect size. Imagine. Reacting to changes in lending rules, without lost time, revenue or added frustration. With a partner committed to providing the latest technology and infrastructure, and large enough to deliver it. And a partner small enough, nimble enough to react quickly to constantly changing regulations and your changing needs.


Minority certification. So you want to expand your minority program. But how to do it without compromise? With our unique combination of size, stability and consistent, best-in-class performance, Closing USA should be your minority partner of choice. To drive more title and escrow business. Improve and simplify your workflow. All while meeting or exceeding your minority vendor requirements.


Customized workflow solutions. Now you can avoid the constant pain of running a high volume of closings through someone else’s standardized, one-size-fits-all, process. We’ll roll up our sleeves, dig deep and relentlessly question to understand your unique needs, then design a customized title and escrow workflow to fit your internal processes.


No end-of-month bottlenecks. It’s a fact. Reaching, and even exceeding, your mid- and end-of-month closing goals is certain to create crunch times. Which is why we created specialized teams trained in multiple functions, and able to float with widely fluctuating volumes of work. As a result, you can be confident that your business will be handled. Without bottleneck headaches.


Quality that exceeds industry standards. Our proven track record for improving our clients’ workflows didn’t happen by accident. We’ve analyzed where other title companies fall short. Where workflow processes typically need improvement. And have perfected the capabilities to deliver the highest quality in these trouble areas. So you are free to drive more business, knowing we have the proven capacity and capabilities to handle anything you send us.


Smart growth management. Not only have we designed our offices to provide unlimited room for physical growth, we know exactly how much volume our people can handle and have a proven ability to staff up as needed to meet your expanding volume as it comes.


Rate advantages. As a national underwriter for the nation’s largest lenders, including Old Republic, Fidelity, and First American, we can shop for rates all across the country, to offer you the lowest available rates for their commercial, refinance, REO and title insurance.


Exceptional attitude. Relax. Have fun doing what you do again. With absolute confidence that your title and escrow company has the friendly, proactive, can-do attitude see and avoid trouble spots.


You really have found a title and escrow company like no other. With Individualized, personalized service. A relentless drive for improvement. Plus an understanding that that constant change is the new normal. And that means that, with Closing USA as your partner, you’ll close more loans than you are with your current provider. Meet your minority vendor requirements. And actually enjoy the process for a change. To learn more about the many ways you can have it all with Closing USA, simply click here.