Closing USA Lender Services. Close More. Breathe Easier.

Learn more about how we outscored a lender’s own in-house title and escrow operations in a performance survey - and how what we do can transform your business.


Closing USA Default Services. Simply Easier. Smarter.

In today’s ever-changing default environment, our national experts will cut through the complexity from foreclosure to REO to short sale to deed in lieu services.


Closing USA Commercial. Your Big Name Closer.

Discover why national franchises and chains like Home Depot & Tim Horton’s trust us to make complex transactions easy with our customized, streamlined processes.


See All We Did To Complete Our SAS 70 Certification.

See how this in-depth audit of our control objectives and activities, including our IT controls, gives our customers greater confidence than ever in Closing USA processes.


Minority Certified. Uniquely Qualified.


We May Start As Your Minority Provider, But We’ll Become Your Preferred Provider.

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At Closing USA, our minority certification is just the beginning. Our optimized Internet technologies deliver web-based real estate transaction services with national scope, and a local focus. The exact products and customized services you need to process mortgages more efficiently, timely and reliably. It all adds up to big company capability - and small company personalized service. Our minority certification may have attracted you to us, but everything else you’ll find here will keep you with us.



Closing USA Commercial Services


The Talent To Help You Do More In Space.

Today’s commercial real estate marketplace is incredibly complex. From small to medium-sized businesses to regional and national franchise chains, and everything in-between, needs greatly vary. Closing USA has the expertise to handle it all. We have national scope, but local focus. With streamlined, customized processes, we're driven by our own dedicated customer service team for complete quality control.


Closing USA Default Services


In An Environment Of Constant Change, Make Us Your Constant.

From constantly changing products, rules and regulations to fluctuating costs, you almost need a scorecard to keep up. Or better yet, a closing partner like Closing USA. With the proven national default capability to stay ahead of product, procedure and rule changes, you'll always get the quick turnaround and reporting accuracy you expect - with the cost certainty you demand.



SAS Certification


Now That Our Controls Have Passed The Ultimate Test, There Are No Limits To What We Can Do For You.

Completion of our SAS 70 certification demonstrates that Closing USA's internal financial reporting controls are of the highest level. The controls and safeguards we have in place will give you total confidence in our ability to host and process your data.




Who We Are


In an industry driven by large corporations, we stand apart. We are a national title and escrow company.
When you partner with Closing USA, you truly get the best of both worlds; a company that is large
enough to take advantage of today’s state of the art technology, yet nimble enough to react quickly to the
ever-changing world of financial services.

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