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Commercial Services

We have the national experience and local focus to help you succeed in today's more complex commercial marketplace.  In fact, we can cover it all, from small to medium-sized business to national franchise and chains like Home Depot and Tim Horton's.


Through your Closing USA Commercial Services Group team, you can cover all 50 states, from one location. With a single point of contact for all your complex transactions, through our customized, streamlined processes, which deliver smooth, timely closings for all single and multi-location transactions.


Unlike any other commercial transaction services firm, we are specifically structured to orchestrate the entire process, with less time and hassle on your part. So whether you are buying or selling, providing counsel, arranging financing, or providing funds, you can count on us to deliver the solutions you need. So you’ll have the power to do business most efficiently,  and the freedom to build more business-- all while simply, reliably helping to meet your minority vendor requirements.


With your Closing USA Commercial Services Team, you get the best of both worlds— nationwide, large business experience (small business experience, too) and the individualized attention to detail and customer service you simply won’t find in larger, impersonal commercial title and escrow organizations. Our experience and customized processes will provide you with:

  • A dedicated customer service team for quality control
  • Multi-site and multi-state transaction coordination
  • A variety of search products and reports
  • Electronic ordering and product delivery
  • Complete guidance through local customs and procedures
  • Title commitments and insurance

 As with all Closing USA transactions, you can access everything over the web, using our portal, Paperless Closer™. This will allow you to view, print, and track the progress of your closing and so much more. thanks to this feature among others, more companies large and small are turning to Closing USA for all their commercial transactions.


To learn more about the many ways Closing USA can simplify and grow your commercial title and escrow business, simply click here.


CUSA Affordable Housing

Through this joint-venture, CUSA Affordable Housing Title is well suited to providing the needed expertise specific to affordable housing transactions. NYSAFAH, a joint-venture partner, has advanced the financing needs of affordable housing developers for more than twenty years and advocates for programs and funding that drive New York's much needed affordable housing expansion.

To learn more about the JV, contact Jolie Milstein, NYSAFAH President and CEO, (646) 473-1208,

For Title Orders, contact Lynn Rathjen, Commercial Title Manager, (585) 433-7310,