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Lender Services

We've recently outscored a lender's own in-house title and escrow operations in a performance survey.  But even more important than our accolades are our best practices that lead us to great success and recognition.  At Closing USA, we pride ourselves on world-class service and support, a superior process tailored to your workflow, personal attention to detail and industry-leading focus on quality.  With these qualities, we believe virtually anything is possible.

Whether you’re local, regional, or do business on a national scale, your Closing USA team gives you a centralized source for all your real estate-related transactions. Our optimized Internet technologies deliver web-based real estate transaction services through our portal, Paperless Closer™. With Closing USA as your partner, there's not telling what you can do.  We'll connect you with the exact products and customize services you need to process mortgages more efficiently, timely and reliably.  In turn, you'll have the power to exceed your quota - and the freedom to enjoy the process while simply and reliably meeting your minority vendor requirements. To learn more about the many ways Closing USA can simplify and grow your title and escrow business, simply click here.